Organised for the first time by the Mpumalanga Table Tennis Association; after seven days of intense competition, play in the 2018 South African National Championships came to a close in the Secunda Ukhozi Lodge on Saturday 30th June.

A full schedule, in addition to Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles events, competitions in the Under 13, Under 15 and Under 18 age groups were held.


Kurt Lingeveldt (left) and (right) Danisha Patel, the respective Men's Singles and Women's Singles champions (Photo: courtesy of the South Africa Table Tennis Board) by Olalekan Okusan, ITTF-Africa Press Officer

Furthermore there were surprises, no more so than in the Men’s Singles event; nine times champion Shane Overmeyer was beaten at the final hurdle by Kurt Lingeveldt who,by emerging successful, secured his second such title.

Success for Kurt Lingevelt, in the corresponding Women’s Singles event it was success for Danisha Patel; in the title deciding contest she accounted for Simeen Mookrey.

The Women’s Singles final in the Secunda Ukhozi Lodge (Photo: courtesy of the South African Table Tennis Board)

Impressive performance but it was very much the younger players who caught the eye.

Cade Peters won the Under 18 Boys’ Singles title with the counterpart Under 18 Girls Singles event being secured by Lekesha Johnson. Impressive performances it was the same from Refai Yaghya and Kiara Naidoo who were crowned respective Under 15 Boys’ Singles and Under 15 Girls’ Singles champions. Meanwhile, in the Under 13 Boys’ Singles competition, Nur Van Wyk secured gold, whilst the top step of the podium in the Under 13 Girls’ Singles event was reserved by Kailey Anne Reddy.

Most certainly the results and the outcome of the tournament in general, pleased Joe Carrim, the President of the South Africa Table Tennis Board.

“The results showed good progress from other provinces, although the Western Cape dominance still prevailed. Players from Botswana and Zimbabwe participated in the Open Championship. Sadly Namibia could not make it this year having participated in previous Championships.” Joe Carrim

A successful tournament and to some extent it was a ground breaking event.

“It was the first Championships where the accommodation was on site; it presented an awesome occasion for the players to mix and cement relationships. The hall was too small for the Championships; the technical and tournament committee pulled out all the stops to ensure that all participants had a memorable Championships. Congratulations to the committee, the management teams of the respective affiliates of the South Africa Table Tennis Board; our heartfelt thanks to Botswana and Zimbabwe for their presence, as well as to all the sport departments that assisted their teams from the various provinces.” Joe Carrim Now the event over it is time to look forward. “The South Africa National Championships is one of the main criteria for selection for the African and World Championships. A squad will be selected, current performance and consistency form the criteria for selection.” Joe Carrim

The South African Table Board (SATTB) received a request from SASCOC to nominate a player/coach to attend the 2018 Seminar for Table Tennis Coaches and Players from Developing Countries in China. This request was received on the 24th June 2018.

The coaching commission recommended the name of Mr Samkele Notshe from Cape Town Table Tennis. Mr Notshe departed for China on Wednesday 4th July 2018 and will return on Sunday 2nd September 2018.

On duty for South Africa on home soil at the Sun International 2016 World Junior Championships in Cape Town, Simeen Mookrey has now established herself as a member of the Women’s National Team.

Recently alongside Musfiquh Kalan and Danisha Patel she was in action at the Liebherr 2018 World Team Championships in Halmstad, Sweden.

ITTF Article on S mookrey 1

Simeen Mookrey in action in Halmstad (Photo: Daniel Börjesson) by Olalekan Okusan, ITTF-Africa Press Officer

Simeen Mookrey is confident, she believes in herself; she has dreams of becoming one of the top players in Africa. She is of the opinion that she has what it takes to pursue her dream, particularly with the enormous support she continues to receive from her parents.

“Being in South Africa, it is very difficult to improve and go to the next level, because table tennis isn’t a big sport. We do not have permanent venues to train or coaches of a high level. So after this year I’ll be done with my schooling and hope to go to Europe and get the proper training that I need to improve. I know that it will not be easy and it will take lots of hard work and sacrifice but I’m willing to do it because I love table tennis. My aim is to be amongst the top five female players in Africa and with hard work I know that it is possible. From there I will try and get even better.”

Simeen Mookrey Undoubtedly, competing in Halmstad has proved a major source of motivation.

“The World Championships was a wonderful first experience and good exposure for me, just by being there and playing so many matches against different countries and so many different styles of play. It was exactly what I needed especially since I don’t play in that many international tournaments and am not exposed to different types of players. I played many good players; there were also many tight matches that I could have won but because of lack of experience I couldn’t pull through.”

Simeen Mookrey Similar to all aspiring young players, the Liebherr 2018 World Team Championships was a step higher for Simeen Mookrey. “Even though I have been to a World Junior Championship which was in Cape Town, this was just a whole different experience of table tennis. It was a really big event with so many participants. It was a really good experience to be surrounded by so many top players in the world and to get to watch how they play. Everything was well planned, scheduled and very professional, something that Africa should learn from. As someone who loves table tennis, it was an amazing opportunity to experience all of that and see the best of the best in Sweden.” Simeen Mookrey

Later this month, Simeen Mookrey is hoping to claim success at the South African Junior and Senior Open.

“I have the South Africa Junior and Senior Open this month and then also I hope I’ll be able to go to the Nigeria Open and Senior African Championship in Mauritius later in the year.” Simeen Mookrey A busy schedule ahead and for South Africa, could Simeen Mookrey be a player to set an example others may follow and for her country increase interest in the sport of table tennis?

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2018 Liebherr World Team Table tennis Championships currently underway in Halmstad, Swedend.

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On behalf of athletes and coaches, we would like to take the opportunity to appreciate your hard work, commitment, dedication and support in providing Table Tennis Officials to officiate during the 2018 SOSA National Summer Games. And thank you again for providing Table Tennis Equipment in order to ensure a high quality sport.

This experience and impact will last a life time and make a difference to the lives of athletes with intellectual disabilities.


The South African Table Tennis Board will be celebrating World Table Tennis Day on the 6th April 2018

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The National School Sport Championships took place from the 10-13 December 2017. Below please find the results as well as the photos for the tournament.

2017 NSSC Table Tennis Results Singles

Staged in Cairo; organised by the Umpires and Referees Committee of the International Table Tennis Federation, with the support of both the Egyptian Table Tennis Federation and the African Table Tennis Federation; the ancient city steeped in history was the home for a recent International Referees School.

ir school 15 10 17

Matters most efficiently prepared and co-ordinated by the host nation’s Mohamed Bassyouni, proceedings commenced on Friday 6th October and concluded on Monday 9th October.

Home for the gathering was the meeting room of the Egyptian Table Tennis Federation located next to the famous Cairo Stadium in Nasr City. A total of 13 candidates attended, 11 men and two women, all being Blue Badge umpires.

Present to welcome all was Mr. Khaled El-Salhy, President of African Table Tennis Federation.

“An International Referees School takes place in Africa for the first time and we are very proud to host this important course in Cairo and welcome so many candidates from around the world. This course will send a positive signal to all our countries and will motivate us to continue educating our match officials.” Khaled El-Salhy"

ir school123 15 10 17 1024x576

 Similar to previous Schools, the itinerary involved active participation of the candidates on rules interpretation, conduct of draws, scheduling of matches and most importantly role play as a Referee. During the three days of intensive study and overnight assignments, candidates gained experience in becoming active Referees.

Significantly present was Germany’s Michael Zwipp, also approved as a trainer for such courses by the ITTF Umpires and Referees Committee

“Preparation for this International Referees School started two years ago; since that time National Referees Courses were held in Cameroon, Sudan and Morocco to deliver practical training and select candidates for the next step in their refereeing career. It was like driving on a bumpy road but the hard work paid off. I am very happy that six candidates passed the International Referees School, increasing the number of International Referees in Africa to 10 in total.” Michael Zwipp

ir school12 15 10 17 1024x576

Notably, Mohamed El-Dawlatly, ITTF Competition Manager and Information Technology Consultant, was present on the concluding afternoon, the co-operation and the roles fulfilled at ITTF tournaments by Referees and Competition Managers being the subject under discussion.

“Competition Managers and the Referees have to work as a team, they share many responsibilities. It is important that the Referee is capable on all technical aspects at a tournament and sets the frame for providing a consistent high standard for all matches. In addition, the Competition Manager deals with the presentation of our sport. Together we deliver great table tennis for spectators, media and sponsors.” Mohamed El-Dawlatly

ir school1 15 10 17 1024x576

Most definitely the presence of Mohamed El-Dawlatly was well received; many questions resulted.

The co-operation and communication between Competition Manager and Referee has become very important in the modern day presentation of major events. The session with Mohamed El-Dawlatly, allowing potential International Referees to learn directly from a professional Competition Manager, proved most valuable. We are pleased that both the Competition Managers and Referees share the common goal of making the sport of table tennis more competitive and at the same time more entertaining.

dawlatly 15 10 17 1024x576

One major aim of the meeting addressed thanks to the visit of Mohamed El-Dawlatly; another objective, as always, was to qualify new International Referees. Thus assessment was needed. Assessment took the form of course performance, a comprehensive written test and an individual interview. As a result of the stringent assessments, six candidates passed and are now qualified as International Referees.

Among them, South Africa’s Genevieve Lentz has become the first female International Referee from Africa. Many congratulations to Genevieve. She is no stranger to the table tennis family. She was actually one of the umpires at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

In addition to Genevieve Lentz; from Egypt, Mohammad El-Rawdy, Mahmoud Gado, Mahmoud Atia Koraim and Khaled Zaki qualified as did India’s Mangesh Mopkar.

lentz 15 10 17 1024x576

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